About Us

Who I Am

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus was sent to earth to die and be raised on the 3rd day for my sins and the sins of the world. 

I am a Husband to an amazing, supportive woman of God, a Father to a bunch of awesome kiddos, a U.S. Army Veteran (10th Mtn Div). 

Bryan 611 Armory

I was raised in a Baptist Church in Northeast Texas. I was saved and baptized at 7. But God spoke to me in my early 30s (my kids were so small) and called me back to completely surrender to Him. The gap between 7 and 34 was rocky. But the time since my full surrender almost 20 years ago has been so amazing. It didn't get easier from there. But God gave me the strength, wisdom, and sound mind to Stand Firm against what was to come and what comes each and every day today.

Why Christian Merch?

It's not about the t-shirt. I just love t-shirts, and I always have. I love hats, hoodies, and all kinds of merch. It's just been something I've loved since at least the early 2000s. But I don't like the cheezy stuff. I can't think of one believer who is a Veteran or loves hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors who would wear a shirt with some pop-culture design. 

It's not about the shirt, it's all about Jesus. Period.

But if we love Jesus and we are going to wear clothing, I want to wear merch that represents what I am most passionate about, and looks as good and professional as any other clothing brand.

Christian Brands

I love tons of other Christian brands. I do not believe in competing with other brands, because there is no competing in the Kingdom. We are all called to share the Gospel. Teaming up to do that gives us the same advantage as teaming up in any other situation. God can grow one believer. But He has called us to be the body, his hands and feet. I don't believe that stops when we go into business.

My last thought is Christians can own brands and not have to sell merch with verses on them. There are tons of examples. Two of my favorite are Phil Robertson and Matt McPherson.

Phil Robertson got famous selling duck calls, and later through Duck Dynasty. He's gone on through The Blind and the Unashamed podcast to reach many, many people for Jesus.

Matt got famous making the hunting bows we know as the brand Mathews archery. McPherson is a Christian man who is constantly leaning on his faith in Jesus Christ to help him make the best decisions for his company, and it shows in the way he runs his company. 

Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God!

God Bless!

Bryan Robinson